About Us

It is our aim to continue Sangbad BD as a reliable news medium for Bengali language readers in Bangladesh and around the world. We believe, in the age of modern information technology, that ‘information is power’. Keeping this reality in mind, we aim to ensure the free flow of information, especially ‘news’, from the most powerful to the most marginalized people in the society.

We don’t make news, we spread news – that’s the aim of News BD. Newsbd.com is a trusted name in professional journalism. We want to establish that journalism is a profession that is uncompromising on the issue of freedom of expression, liberation war, anti-corruption stance and ignoring individual-group-political interests.

Sanbad BD is on a journey to establish itself as a credible and unbiased news media for the Bengali speaking people of Bangladesh and the world. Our promise is basically –

1) Reflecting the trust of readers and creating a position as their mouthpiece.
2) Avoiding falsity and dishonesty in dissemination of news and information.
3) Acting as a forum for the expression of youth.
4) Questioning the prevailing prejudices and backwardness of the society and playing an active role in removing them.
5) Playing a helpful role in building a society based on science and technology.